NewsArming itself and Ukraine could be "challenging" for the US, Navy secretary...

    Arming itself and Ukraine could be “challenging” for the US, Navy secretary admits

    “If the conflict lasts six months or a year, the supply chain will continue to be defiantly stressed,” said Carlos del Toro.

    Arms manufacturers have to increase their production so that Washington can arm itself and at the same time provide military aid to Ukraine, US Navy Secretary Carlos del Toro said on Wednesday, quoted by Defense One.

    The senior official was asked for his opinion on recent words by the head of the US Fleet Command, Daryl Caudle, who said that the Navy could find itself at the point of having to decide whether it needs to arm itself or arm Ukraine. Del Toro replied that the Navy has not yet reached that point, but “if the conflict lasts six months or a year longer, the supply chain will continue to defiantly tighten, no doubt.”

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    Del Toro highlighted that the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Kathleen Hicks, contacted “the industry [militar] to motivate it to face its challenges and obstacles and be able to increase its production rates.” Now the arms manufacturers “need to invest in manpower, as well as in the capital investments that they have to make within the framework of their own companies to raise their production rates,” said the official.

    Source: RT

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