News"Are you going to move?": Art gallery owner hoses down a homeless...

    “Are you going to move?”: Art gallery owner hoses down a homeless woman in the dead of winter (VIDEO)

    The man described the woman as “psychotic” and assured that he had behaved like “a champion” by letting her sleep at the entrance of his premises for several days.

    This Monday, the owner of an art gallery in San Francisco, California (USA), threw water with a hose at a woman in a street situation when temperatures in the city were around 10 °C.

    In a video circulating on social media, the man can be seen exclaiming in a nonchalant pose: “Move! Move! Are you going to move?“, while the woman screamed on the sidewalk. The subject was identified as Collier Gwin, director of the Foster Gwin Gallery, located in the elegant neighborhood of Jackson Square.

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    Later, Gwin admitted to being the protagonist of the images in an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle and claimed not to be sorry. “I told him: you have to move, I can’t clean the street,” the man recounted when describing the encounter. “He started yelling awful things, spitting, yelling at me. […] at that time I was so out of control. I sprayed her with the hose and told her move, move. I’ll help you,” she added.

    The gallery owner described the woman, identified as Cora, as “psychotic” and assured that he had previously behaved like “a champion” in trying to help her by letting her sleep in the entrance of his premises for several days. “Spraying her is not the solution, but it was something that woke her up and calmed her down,” he said. “Then […] Sorry? I only regret that […] my way of helping her countless [veces] I haven’t achieved anything,” he concluded.

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    Source: RT

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