NewsAnother controversy in Spain: they criticize a photo in which the rhythmic...

    Another controversy in Spain: they criticize a photo in which the rhythmic gymnastics team poses on their knees

    The former mayor of Valencia Joan Ribo accused the current administration of carrying out “an exercise of pure machismo.”

    A photo of the Spanish rhythmic gymnastics team posing on their knees next to the president and vice president of the Valencian Generalitat, Carlos Mazon (PP) and Vicente Barrera (Vox), respectively, received a wave of criticism, reports La Vanguardia.

    The scandalous image was taken during the reception of the bronze-winning gymnasts at the World Championships, which took place in Valencia this weekend.

    The former mayor of Valencia Joan Ribo public the photograph on his profile on the social network “an exercise in pure machismo”.

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    Joan Baldovi, deputy in the Valencian Cortes and Compromis candidate in the regional elections of May 28 of this year, also commented the photo on their page: “Our pride is on its knees. Our shamestanding.”

    David Calvo, former regional deputy of the Socialist Party of the Valencian Country (PSPV), also critical the photo on the social network X, stating that “Mazon and his henchmen are the national courage distillery“.

    However, a video they released later reveals that it was protocol officials who asked the gymnasts to get on their knees for the photo.

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    The president of the Generalitat is also heard commenting: “we should be in front, we should be crouched, you are the champions. This cannot be, this protocol thing must be changed.” He also suggested that the gymnasts do a “more casual” photo and it is seen that the champions stand up while Mazon crouches down.

    For its part, according to the newspaper La Vanguardia, the presidency explained that the gesture has been misinterpreted, since they do it in many photographs, and he also remembered that similar shots were taken with Ximo Puig. In addition, they pointed out that Carlos Mazon himself published a photo on his social network in which he is sitting and the gymnasts are standing around him.

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    Source: RT

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