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    Anime, songs and more: Marcelo Ebrard’s videos on TikTok after withdrawing his candidacy

    Days ago, the former Mexican foreign minister stated that he will not seek an independent candidacy for the Mexican presidency in 2024.

    Former Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Casubon published a series of funny videos on his TikTok social network profile after withdrawing from the internal process in the ruling National Regeneration Movement (Morena) due to alleged irregularities. The former head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, won the presidential candidacy of the coalition led by Morena, the party founded by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

    In a video of just 8 seconds, from two days ago, and that accumulates more than 327,000 reproductions and more than 20,000 reactions, wrote: “Remember that we must always fight for our convictions, with great strength.” A caption on the video underlines: “When you fight for your convictions.”

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    In another clip released on Saturday and reaching almost 235,000 views, Ebrard writes in the text: “Hold on, friends and friends, now the good and busy days are coming!“. In the images he appears clapping a viral video of a girl inside a mechanical attraction.

    This video is followed by another where he points out: “We will fight until the end! Together no one can stop us.” In the images a fragment of the cartoon series from the eighties of the last century ‘The Knights of the Zodiac’ is reproduced and one of the characters is heard saying: “He will fight to the death, he has a will of steel, nothing will be able beat him. He is the noblest adversary I have ever met, there is something that pushes him to go to the end“. This clip accumulates around 759,000 views.

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    Finally, in the most recent clip, Ebrard appears walking while a fragment of the song ‘Rebelde’ by the Mexican pop group RBD plays. “And I am a rebel, when I do not follow others, and I am a rebel,” says the lyrics of the song fragment. In the video the phrase is written: “What a good day to listen to RBD.” In the text that accompanies the video, which already has more than 8,575 reactionsit reads: “From what I understand, RBD is in style, right?”.

    The former chancellor affirmed that he will not seek an independent candidacy for the presidency in 2024. “An independent candidacy has not been in my goal,” Ebrard clarified on Thursday, announcing that on Monday he will meet with his team and make a decision on his political future. .

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    Source: RT

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