NewsAn indefinite strike of doctors begins in Madrid in protest against the...

    An indefinite strike of doctors begins in Madrid in protest against the chaos of the new emergency model

    The administration has decreed minimum services of 100%, while the convening union denounces that this violates their right to strike.

    This Monday an indefinite strike of doctors who cover out-of-hospital emergencies in the Community of Madrid has started. The measure aims to denounce chaos and helplessness for the population that supposes the plan that was launched last week in the region, according to the convening union, Amyts.

    For its part, the Ministry of Health has set some 100% minimum servicesalleging that it is an essential service, something that the medical union has denounced, considering that it violates their right to strike.

    The new plan contemplates the opening of 78 emergencies in health centers that replace the 37 Primary Care Emergency Services (SUAP), which were closed during the two years of the pandemic, and the 41 Rural Care Services (SAR). The doctors denounce that it is intended to provide service in the 78 new centers with the personnel that attended the 41 SAR.

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    The new protest comes amid harsh criticism about the chaos in the opening of these devices. Most of the staff was notified by email during the early morning last Thursday, the same day they started work.

    In addition, this strike is preceded by another that lasted between Friday and Sunday, after the four unions that had signed an agreement in principle in the Sectorial Table of Health, they considered the pact broken.

    Open centers without medical staff

    Although the regional executive, chaired by the conservative Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has reported that 100% of the centers that opened had health personnel, so only 57% of them had full teamscomposed of a doctor, nurse and caretaker.

    In addition, the workers denounce the systematic lack of personnel and sanitary and cleaning material. They also criticize working conditions, with advance notice and changes to conditions, such as the number of hours and the place of work.

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    cascade of resignations

    As a consequence of the implementation of this new care plan for out-of-hospital emergencies, in recent weeks there has been a cascade of resignations in the Department of Health of the Community of Madrid.

    The last one took place last Friday when The Southeast Madrid Assistance Directorate resigned en blocone of the seven into which the administration of the territory’s health centers is divided.

    The conditions of the primary care emergencies lead to the indefinite strike of the Madrid toilets

    Previously, the manager of Primary Care, Sonia Martinez, and her number two, Nuria Fernandez, left her position. Previously, the manager of Suma 112 (Madrid Medical Emergency Service), Pablo Busca, left his post, and the general director of the Administration’s Health Assistance, Jesus Vazquez, was dismissed.

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    The health problem in the region is centered on the lack of human resources, with 200 vacancies for family doctors. The problem will worsen in the coming years, since it is expected that in the next decade 35% of the medical staff and 23% of the nursing staff will retire.


    The protest will continue next Sunday, November 13, when a massive demonstration is planned and will go through the streets of Madrid in four columns that will converge in the Plaza de Cibeles.

    Under the slogan ‘Madrid stands up for Public Health. Against the Plan for the Destruction of Primary Care‘, this new protest will give continuity to multiple demonstrations that have taken place in the region to protest the state of Health and, above all, primary care.

    Source: RT

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