NewsAn F-35 fighter crashes during a training flight in the US (VIDEO)

    An F-35 fighter crashes during a training flight in the US (VIDEO)

    The pilot ejected from the aircraft.

    A US F-35 fighter jet crashed on Thursday during a training flight. The incident took place at the Lockheed Martin facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

    In a video circulating on social networks, the fighter can be seen landing for a second before lifting off the ground and leaning forward. The front wheels seemed to collapse under the weight of the aircraft and damaged the nose. Moments later, the plane proceeded to turn 180 degrees and then reversed before the pilot ejected.

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    According to White Settlement Police Chief Chris Cook, quoted by Fox News, the pilot ejected from the aircraft safely. At the moment the condition of the crew member and the cause of the accident are unknown.

    For its part, the arms company ruled on the incident. “We are aware of the crash of the F-35B on the shared runway at the Joint Reserve Base of the Naval Air Station in Fort Worth and we understand that the pilot ejected successfully,” the statement reads. “Safety is our priority and we will follow the appropriate research protocol,” he adds.

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    The F-35B, operated by the US Marine Corps, is capable of short-range takeoff and helicopter landing, allowing it to operate in remote locations. It is also used by the UK and Italian Armed Forces.

    Source: RT

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