NewsAn Alaska clinic calls for replacing 'mother' with 'egg producer' in school...

    An Alaska clinic calls for replacing ‘mother’ with ‘egg producer’ in school programs

    The clinic’s gender inclusion program advises teachers to “use precise terms to refer to the parts and functions of the body, without assuming that there are only two genders.”

    A gender clinic located in Alaska has called for the word ‘mom’ to be replaced with ‘egg-producing’ in school books and in child-led talks about reproduction, Fox News reports.

    The idea, according to the channel, was supported by the American admiral Rachel Levine, US Undersecretary of Health and the first openly transgender federal official in the North American country. When extolling the work of that establishment, the high official affirmed that her staff works to create “a more equitable future where everyone in the United States has equal access to life-saving health care.”

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    The clinic’s gender inclusion program recommends avoid all terms related to biological sex, such as ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. For example, it is advisable to explain to children that doctors “determine” the sex of babies by making a “assumption”. Teachers are also encouraged to “use precise terms to refer to the parts and functions of the body, without assuming that only there are two genders“.

    Teaching guides also ask to remove the word ‘mother’ from talks about reproduction, and instead use ‘biological parent’, ‘ovule producer’ or ‘carrier’. Instead of saying ‘when the mother gives birth’, the appropriate thing would be ‘when the baby comes out of the womb’.

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    Similarly, a child should not be told that they have genes from their mom and dad. Instead, it should be said: “You have received a mixture of genes sperm and egg“.

    Instead of ‘male hormones’ and ‘female hormones’, it is advisable to use the terms ‘testosterone or estrogen’. ‘Male reproductive organs’ should be replaced by ‘penis and testicles‘. The correct terminology to describe men and women would be ‘those with ovaries’ and ‘those with testicles’.

    Source: RT

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