NewsAn aircraft crashes while fighting the fires that ravage Greece

    An aircraft crashes while fighting the fires that ravage Greece

    At least two people were on board.

    A fire fighter plane crashed in Greece on Tuesday during a mission to the island of Euboea, a spokesman for the fire service told AFP.

    “A Greek Canadair plane with at least two people on board crashed near the town of Platanisto,” spokesman Yannis Artopios said.

    Military teams are going to the scene to see exactly what has happened and what condition the crew is in.

    The third consecutive heat wave in Greece has once again pushed temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country. The latest evacuation orders were issued on the islands of Corfu and Euboea.

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    The Greek authorities evacuated some 19,000 people last Sunday amid the massive fires that have plagued the island of Rhodes since last Wednesday, in which it is already “the largest operation” to evacuate residents and tourists “ever carried out” in the country, according to the Greek Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection.

    It is estimated that last weekend they were attended 345 incidents related to fires and rescues in urban areas of the country.

    Source: RT

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