NewsAn abused elephant in a Buddhist temple is transferred to a Thai...

    An abused elephant in a Buddhist temple is transferred to a Thai shelter (VIDEO)

    In 2001, the Thai royal family gifted Muthu Raja to the Sri Lankan government, which in turn donated him to the Kande Viharaya Buddhist temple, where he received honorary treatment at certain religious celebrations.

    After spending more than 20 years in a Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka, where he was allegedly mistreated, an elephant was transferred this Sunday from that country to Thailand, reports the AP agency.

    Muthu Raja, as the animal was named, was donated in 2001 by the Thai royal family to the Sri Lankan government, which ceded it to the Kande Viharaya Buddhist temple, where it received honorary treatment in certain religious processions.

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    Despite the privileged place it occupied in the Buddhist temple, the Rally for Animal Rights and Environment (RARE) association denounced that the elephant suffered from mistreatment and even has a stiff leg due to a poorly treated injury that has been dragging for a long time.

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    Faced with the complaints, the Thai government last year asked the temple authorities to allow the repatriation of the animal to receive veterinary care. After accepting the request, the elephant was transferred in November to the Sri Lanka National Zoo.

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    According to Madusha Perera, a zoo veterinarian, the pachyderm was treated for two large abscesses on its leg, which have mostly healed. However, they could not fully treat it due to lack of equipment.

    For his part, the Thai veterinarian Visit Arsaithamkul, said that, once he is received at the Thailand Elephant Conservation Center, Muthu Raja will receive hydrotherapy, laser treatment and acupuncture as part of his rehabilitation.

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    Source: RT

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