NewsAlberto Fernandez promotes political trial against the president of the Supreme Court

    Alberto Fernandez promotes political trial against the president of the Supreme Court

    The opposition already anticipated its vote against in Congress.

    The institutional crisis that Argentina suffers due to the confrontation that exists between the Executive and Judicial powers deepened after the president announced that he will promote a political trial against the president of the Supreme Court, Horacio Rosatti, as well as an investigation of the rest of the members of the highest court.

    The president’s claim is based on recent scandals that have demonstrated the undue collusion of opposition judges, businessmen and officials, either through joint trips or leaked conversations that allegedly prove conspiracies to attack the government.

    Added to this is the partisan bias of the rulings of the Supreme Court, whom the president accuses of acting as part of the opposition and not with the independence demanded by the Constitution.

    “In recent months We have seen an inadmissible advance of the Nation’s Judicial Power over the other powers of Argentina. Various publications that have never been contradicted have exposed what I have been warning for a long time: the scandalous link between judicial officials and opposition politicians,” Fernandez said in a statement.

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    Thanks to these leaks, he added, the behaviors and dialogues between judicial officials and opposition politicians who anticipate decisions and recommend legal grounds to support their rulings of institutional significance have been “impudently exposed.”

    Fernandez recalled that his duty is to promote actions when the federal system is put into crisis, as happened last month when the Court sided with the conservative head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, in an amparo that had filed against the national government to recover millionaire funds derived from tax collection.

    For this reason, Fernandez summoned the governors who supported the national government in this dispute so that, together, they promote the impeachment trial against Rosatti in order to investigate his conduct at the head of the Court.

    “We also require that the conduct of the remaining members of the highest court be investigated,” he added, referring to judges Carlos Rosenkrantz, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Ricardo Luis Lorenzetti.

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    The president anticipated that, on the other hand, he will promote the pertinent criminal actions through the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights to investigate the alleged acts of corruption that, according to one of the leaks, involve officials of the City of Buenos Aires.


    Together for Change, the conservative and main opposition coalition in Argentina, warned that the political trial against Rosatti will not prosper.

    “The outdated claim of the president of the nation and Kirchnerism, to request impeachment of the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, is a new attack that seeks to intimidate and undermine the powers of the State,” he said in a predictable statement, since several members of this coalition are involved in the scandal of collusion with judges, particularly officials of the City of Buenos Aires.

    “Just as they could not with the judicial reform, the attorney general and the expansion of the Court to 25 members, this time, they will not be able to either,” added the opposition bloc, considering that the president’s statements are part of “desperate maneuvers against Justice ” that “show once again that the only objective of this government is the search for impunity”.

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    He also added that the government is only interested in having “a subdued justice” because it lacks empathy with the Argentines and “only cares about them and their legal cases.”

    A "scandalous" chat reveals the link between macrismo and the Supreme Court of Argentina

    Beyond the presidential announcement, the road is long and complex, since the complaint against the president of the Court must first enter the Chamber of Deputies, the body that will designate it for analysis by the Impeachment Commission.

    If the Commission approves it, then it must be submitted for debate and vote in plenary. It will only advance if it has at least two thirds of the 257 deputies that make up this legislative branch, that is, 171 votes and the ruling party only has 118 representatives.

    In addition, Congress only begins sessions on March 1, and the impeachment could only be discussed earlier if extraordinary sessions are called that the opposition will challenge.

    Source: RT

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