NewsAfricaSenegal votes for legislative elections amid growing political discontent

    Senegal votes for legislative elections amid growing political discontent

    Senegalese vote on Sunday to elect a new parliament. These legislative elections are a test for the opposition, which wishes to curb the ambitions of President Macky Sall.

    Voting day in Senegal. Seven million voters are called to the polls on Sunday July 31 to renew the 165 seats in Parliament. Legislative with test value for the opposition which wishes to curb the ambitions of President Macky Sall.

    In the polling station set up in the Mour Diop school, in the central and popular district of the Medina, in Dakar, voters have been flocking since 7 a.m. (local time), notes Sarah Sakho, correspondent for France 24. The vote will continue until approximately 6 p.m. (local).

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    Imposing a coalition on the president

    In total, eight coalitions are in the running in this complex ballot for which national lists (elected by proportional representation) and departmental lists of each coalition are presented.

    The challenge of these legislative elections is to know who, from the presidential majority or the opposition, will come out on top. The opposition campaigned on the theme of imposing cohabitation on President Macky Sall. In the last elections, the opposition won several big cities like Dakar, or Ziguinchor (south), and intends to renew these scores. There is also an alliance between the two main coalitions, Wallu Senegal, around former president Abdoulaye Wade, and Yewwi Askan Wi, around opponent Ousmane Soko.

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    The presidential coalition, she puts forward the policy of Macky Sall to convince voters to vote for her and retain the absolute majority in the Assembly.

    Brought to power in 2012, Macky Sall was re-elected in 2019. He campaigned on major construction projects such as a high-speed train line, a conference center, as well as oil and gas production.

    Its opponents have exploited economic frustrations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and rising fuel and food prices.

    Macky Sall’s refusal to rule out a candidacy in 2024 has fueled fears that he is following the same path as Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara and former Guinean President Alpha Condé. The latter ran for a third term in 2020 (which they won) arguing that new constitutions had reset their two-term limits to zero.

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    Source: France 24

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