NewsAfricaMarie Pierre Thiam, video game designer: "Entertain but also educate users"

    Marie Pierre Thiam, video game designer: “Entertain but also educate users”

    Why is the video game industry in Africa a market with great potential? What are the uses and needs of consumers? We talk about it with Marie Pierre Thiam, project manager and video game designer at Kayfo Game Studio in Dakar. Kayfo, a name that comes from Wolof, and means “come and play”. It is the first video game studio produced in Senegal. Its credo: create playful entertainment as close as possible to the realities of the continent.

    In Kenya, an NGO is replanting corals to bring reefs back to life

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    Off the Kenyan coast, the first coral transplant experiment is a success. The NGO “Oceans Alive” and fishermen are replanting corals on a sick part of the reef. This ecosystem has been battered for years by overfishing, pollution and climate change.

    The dog has become the cheetah’s best friend in Namibia

    Namibia is one of the few countries where cheetahs still live. The country is home to around 3,500, or half of the world’s population. Cats are particularly threatened by shepherds who kill them in order to defend their herds. A sanctuary has found the right idea to protect them: raising dogs. The canines prevent the felines from attacking the herds and being killed by shepherds.

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    Source: France 24

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