NewsAfricain the devastated villages of the High Atlas, the immense challenge for...

    in the devastated villages of the High Atlas, the immense challenge for the rescue teams

    Following the devastating earthquake that hit Morocco, rescue teams from the United Kingdom, Spain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are continuing their search operations for survivors and victims. Tarek Kai, Abdullah Malkawi and Luke Shrago were able to see the difficulty of the task of rescuers and humanitarians in the villages of the High Atlas, some of which were completely destroyed.

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    More than a week after the powerful earthquake in Morocco, rescue teams continue tirelessly searching for victims under the rubble.

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    In the village of Inerni, anger is strong against the inaction of the authorities. “If we had received help from the state and from qualified people, we could have saved many more lives,” laments a young man. “We dug with our bare hands following the smell of the corpses.”

    In Imi N’Tala, a devastated village some 20 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake, no home was spared. Part of the mountain collapsed on the houses. After two days of operations, the body of a young man in his thirties was found by Emirati and Moroccan rescuers.

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    Even as the search continues for bodies, an even greater challenge arises: rebuilding the lives of those who lost their homes and loved ones.

    Source: France 24

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