NewsAfricaIn Senegal, opening of the national dialogue wanted by President Macky Sall

    In Senegal, opening of the national dialogue wanted by President Macky Sall

    The national dialogue in Senegal wanted by President Macky Sall has opened, nine months before the presidential election. The Senegalese head of state has still not settled the debate on a possible candidacy for a third term. A question that is controversial in view of the limitation of mandate provided for by the constitution. Part of the opposition rejected the dialogue and announced that it wanted to organize a counter-dialogue. Pope Djibril Fall independent deputy “Servants” is our guest.

    This demonstration of support for a constitutional revision in Bangui the day after the announcement of a referendum by President Touadera. Hundreds of people gathered to say yes to this project, which part of the opposition rejects. She fears that this revision will allow President Touadera to run for a third term. The correspondence in Bangui of Rolf Stève Domia-Leu and Melino Bandio.

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    Sudan is again shaken by heavy fighting. The army which withdrew from the negotiations carried out under the aegis of the United States and Saudi Arabia bombarded the paramilitaries with heavy artillery in Khartoum. However, the negotiated truce had never been respected. Civilians are still trapped. And the African Union wants to remain optimistic despite the violations of the numerous truces in Sudan. For the AU, the suspension of discussions in Saudi Arabia between the belligerents should not “discourage” mediation efforts.

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    Finally this Wednesday marks the end of subsidized fuel in Nigeria. It was a campaign promise from new President Bola Tinubu. The national oil company announced that it had adjusted its prices, angering the population.

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    Source: France 24

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