NewsAfricaFrom the Sahel to Dubai: the roads of dirty gold

    From the Sahel to Dubai: the roads of dirty gold

    Published on : 07/15/2022 – 12:29

    The number of artisanal mines is increasing in the Sahel because the gold washing areas are beyond the control of the States. Mali is gradually establishing itself as the main center for buying gold in the Sahelian countries, while Dubai has become the main destination for the production of artisanal gold. From the discreet foundries of Bamako to the gold market of Dubai, via the artisanal mines of the Ivory Coast, Caroline Dumay has investigated this global gold sector which is changing its face.

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    By turning a blind eye to the origin of the ingots arriving on their territory, the United Arab Emirates are singled out. Various international institutions, such as the OECD, are calling for much stricter regulations.

    This journalistic investigation, carried out for more than a year in several African countries, started from an almost news item: the arrest of Franco-Malagasy mules at Johannesburg airport in December 2020, with more than 73 kilograms of gold in their luggage. The author of this documentary then sought to understand who this gold belonged to, in collaboration with Stefan Carstens, Graham Walsh and Damien Koffi, as well as Walid Ag Menani and Anne-Fleur Lespiaut who produced exclusive images in the foundries of the great market) or in artisanal mines in Mali.

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    Source: France 24

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