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    Emigration to Europe: “All of Tunisia is suffering, but in Tataouine, it’s worse”

    On the front page of the press, this Monday, June 19, reactions to the visit, at this time, of the American Secretary of State to China, while relations between Washington and Beijing are at their lowest. The push continues from the extreme right in Europe, in Finland and Spain in particular. The consequences of the economic crisis in Tunisia and Iran. And the next entries to the Pantheon of the hero of the Resistance Missak Manouchian, a survivor of the Armenian genocide, stateless and communist, and his wife Melinee.

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    On the front page of the press, this Monday, June 19, reactions to the visit, at this time, of the American Secretary of State to China, while relations between Washington and Beijing are at their lowest.

    If the American press has not yet commented on this visit, and seems to be waiting to know whether or not it will give rise to a meeting between Antony Blinken and President Xi Jinping, The China Daily is content to quote the opinion of experts, who cautiously declare that yesterday’s meeting between the Secretary of State and his Chinese counterpart is a “positive event for the repair of relations between the two largest economies in the world” . more offensive, The Global Times asserts that “most of the difficulties between Beijing and Washington (have been caused) by the unilateral and erratic policies and actions of the United States”, which would force them to have to “do more to improve bilateral relations”, accepting, in particular, “the lifting of the unreasonable sanctions imposed on China”, “to be able to move forward on the files which are close to their hearts, such as fentanyl”.

    When it comes to this deadly synthetic opioid, The Guardian confirms that the United States expects a lot from China, and that they hope that it will curb the production of the chemical precursors necessary for the manufacture of this drug. The newspaper recalls that fentanyl is responsible for more than two-thirds of the approximately 100,000 overdose deaths that have occurred each year for the past two years in the United States.

    Also on the front page this morning is the continued rise of the far right in Europe, in Finland and Spain, in particular. According to the daily Hufvudstadsbladet, the president of the Finns Party, eurosceptic and anti-immigration, Riikka Purra, presented, on June 18, the ministers of her party who will take part in the new government of the conservative Petteri Orpon. The Party of Finns takes control of a total of seven ministries, including Economy, Finance, Justice, Interior, Health and Social Affairs. Alliance, also, between conservatives and far-right in Spain, where the Popular Partido won last month’s municipal elections by a wide margin and is preparing to lead, “hand in hand”, with Vox, around a hundred town halls, including at least five regional capitals, such as Valencia, according to El Pais. The daily is Iindignant to see the traditional right marrying the “language of the ultras in terms of gender equality, the climate crisis, education or even immigration”.

    A few days after the sinking, off the coast of Greece, of a boat carrying migrants, The Guardian publishes new testimonies on the circumstances of the tragedy. The British daily reports testimonies from survivors affirming that groups of migrants, mostly Pakistanis, were forced to pile up under the deck of the ship, on the lower floors, in other words condemned to die in the sinking, which could have killed more than 500 people. In Pakistan, where a day of national mourning is observed today, the authorities announce that they have arrested 11 people suspected of being involved in human trafficking to Europe. According to the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs quoted by dawn12 Pakistanis could be among the survivors.

    Immigration is on the menu of the visit of the French and German interior ministers to Tunisia. On this occasion, Release went to Tataouine, a poor town in the south of the country, where thehe economic crisis has caused an explosion in emigration to Europe. Often supported by their relatives, the young people of Tataouine try to go through the Balkans, England, or the Mediterranean, despite the risks involved.

    Release, which devotes its front page to the crisis in Iran, where the regime fears a new outbreak of protest, caused by “the inflation of despair”, by the unprecedented rise in prices. Iran which is also discussed on the side of the Belgian newspaper The eveningwhich announces the resignation, yesterday, of Pascal Smet, the Brussels Secretary of State – a resignation caused by the controversial visit to Brussels of the mayor of Tehran.

    Before saying see you tomorrow, I suggest you throw an eyelash at Humanity, which welcomes the upcoming entry into the Pantheon of Missak Manouchian and his wife, Melinee. “It was time,” writes Huma, quoting the words of the great Armenian communist resistance fighter, the day before he was shot: “I’m dying on the verge of victory and the goal. Happiness to those who will survive us and taste the sweetness of tomorrow’s freedom and peace”.

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    Source: France 24

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