NewsA young American dies in strange conditions in a spa in Mexico...

    A young American dies in strange conditions in a spa in Mexico after a fight with her friends

    A young American dies in strange conditions in a spa in Mexico after a fight with her friends

    Despite the fact that Shanquella Robinson’s companions claim that she suffered from alcohol poisoning, the death certificate revealed a serious injury to the spinal cord and spine.

    Authorities in the US are investigating the case of a woman from the city of Charlotte (North Carolina) who died in a vacation villa in Mexico at the end of October. The story was broken last week by local Fox affiliate WJZY television station in Charlotte, which this week offered new details of the investigation.

    Shanquella Robinson, 25, had traveled with some friends on October 28 to the town of Cabo San Lucas, in the extreme south of the state of Baja California, to celebrate the birthday of one of them. The next day, the group contacted the concierge of the villa where they were staying to request assistance for the young woman.

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    The clerk called a doctor, who performed on Shanquella cardiopulmonary resuscitationbut failed to save her. The victim’s companions assured her mother, Salamondra Robinson, that they had not left the villa that day and that the incident had probably been the result of intoxication due to an excessive amount of alcohol that she had consumed.

    “They said that [Shanquella] it didn’t feel good. She had alcohol poisoning. They couldn’t find a pulse. Each of the people who were there with her told a different story.Salamondra narrated.

    Accident or attack?

    Robinson’s family called the FBI and Mexican authorities, and Shanquella’s body was repatriated two weeks later. This week her death certificate was released. As indicated by WJZY this Wednesday, which had access to the document, the cause of her death was a severe spinal cord injury and a dislocated atlas (first cervical vertebra of the spinal column). Likewise, in the section where the Police could have detailed any signs of intoxication, she had only written: “person found unconscious in her living room.”

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    Parallel to these conclusions, in recent days social networks have spread a video -filmed with a phone- in which Shanquella supposedly appears naked in a room, being brutally beaten by another woman who, apparently, was one of the people with whom he had traveled to Mexico.

    In the scene, he receives several slaps on the face and fists to the head, and is taken by the neck and thrown forcefully to the ground. There are at least two other people in the place, but no one intervenes.

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    The US State Department has taken over the investigation, but has not provided details about it. “Protecting the well-being of US citizens abroad is one of our top priorities. Out of respect for the privacy of those involved, we have no further comment at this time,” the office said.

    Previously, the Mexican authorities had reported that there was no evidence that it was a murder. However, the Robinson family refuses to believe it was an accident and has contacted the Charlotte branch of the FBI to solve the mystery surrounding Shanquella’s death. In addition, she studies the possibility of hiring a private investigator if the answers are not clear. “I won’t feel calm until someone is arrested”Salamandra said.

    Source: RT

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