NewsA woman kills an Uber taxi driver after believing that he was...

    A woman kills an Uber taxi driver after believing that he was kidnapping her

    Despite the allegations of the attacker, the investigators concluded that the driver never deviated from the route.

    An Uber passenger shot several times in the head of the driver, who later died at the hospital, because she mistakenly suspected that he had changed the route to kidnap her, The Washington Post reported Monday.

    On June 16, Phoebe Copas, 48, asked for a taxi from the Uber company in the US city of El Paso, Texas, to go to a casino, where she planned to meet her boyfriend. However, the woman assured that during the journey she had seen an indicator of the Mexican city of Juarez, for which she concluded that the taxi driver, identified as Daniel Piedra Garcia, 52, was taking her to the neighboring country, before which he shot him. to avoid it. The car hit the guardrails before coming to a stop on the freeway.

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    According to the investigation, the woman did not try to contact 911 either before or immediately after opening fire, but instead sent her boyfriend a photo of the injured driver and only then called 911. emergency.

    Arriving at the scene, police officers saw the boyfriend helping Copas out of the wrecked car. After managing to escape from the vehicle, the woman threw everything she was carrying on the ground, including a gun.

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    Copas was arrested that same day on charges of aggravated assault, but the charges were changed after the victim’s death. Piedra Garcia was admitted under assisted ventilation in a hospital, but when the doctors told his family that he could not live without a ventilator, the relatives decided to disconnect him from the device on Wednesday.

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    The investigators affirmed that the deceased did not deviate from the route and that the area is not close to any road with direct access to Mexico. Copa’s attorney has not offered any comment on the new circumstances of the case, although his client’s bail has been increased from $1 million to $1 million to $1.5 million.

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    The Uber application offers multiple options to guarantee the safety of its passengers and contact 911 or the Police in case of danger.

    Source: RT

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