NewsA wild hippo grabs a 2-year-old boy by the head and tries...

    A wild hippo grabs a 2-year-old boy by the head and tries to swallow him

    This is the first attack of this type that has been recorded in the vicinity of Lake Edwards, in the municipality of Kasese.

    A two-year-old Ugandan boy was rescued from being swallowed by a hippo after the animal attacked him at his home in Rwenjubu village, Kasese Municipality Police said.

    According to the authorities, Iga Paul, the victim, was playing at his home, located about 800 meters from Lake Edward, on December 4 when the hippopotamus grabbed him by the head and inserted half of his body into his snout. .

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    Fortunately for the minor, Chrispas Bagonza, a resident of the area, noticed what had happened and began to stone the animal until it, frightened, finally released the boy.

    After being brought to safety, the boy received first aid at a local clinic, before being transferred to a hospital for further treatment. After being vaccinated against rabies and fully recovering from the wound he suffered in his hand, the doctors released him and handed him over to his parents.

    After the incident, the first of its kind recorded in the area, the authorities urged the inhabitants of the communities surrounding the lake to take extreme precautions to avoid future unfortunate encounters with wildlife.

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    Source: RT

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