NewsA video shows the moment when Ukrainian forces enter a Russian trench...

    A video shows the moment when Ukrainian forces enter a Russian trench and annihilate the enemy

    A video uploaded to the Telegram channel of the Special Operations Forces of the armed forces from Ukraine shows how a Ukrainian battalion Storm a Russian trench and open fire on the enemy soldiers.

    The video that carries watermark of the official channel of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shows a dusty narrow trench that stretches like a maze underground that the Ukrainian troops go through without knowing what they will find at each turn.

    As if it were a video game, the camera of one of the Ukrainian soldiers is recording the events. Russian soldiers pear and are shot down.

    In the images you can hear the Ukrainian soldiers yelling, talking to each other, gasping for breath,

    The images recall the scenes of the hand-to-hand fight in the trenches during World War I.

    There is no information on when the video was filmed or if it is part of the recent counter-offensive operation that Ukraine released two weeks ago.

    Ukrainian soldiers, at the front, in the Kreminna region. Photo: Anatoly Stepanov / AFP

    The only concrete information is that the video was taken by members of the 73rd Special Operations Battalion of the Armed Forces in a trench on the Zorizhia front, in the southeast of the country, an area occupied by the Russians, and where the the largest nuclear plant in Europe.

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    Special Forces

    The forces that entered the trench are an elite team of the Ukrainian army.

    On their website, they present themselves as special operations forces“the youngest and most modern component of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” and the “military elite of the state.”

    the counteroffensive

    The forces that entered the trench are an elite team of the Ukrainian army.  Photo: Anatoly Stepanov / AFP

    The forces that entered the trench are an elite team of the Ukrainian army. Photo: Anatoly Stepanov / AFP

    For kyiv, the counteroffensive goes on rails. The Ukrainian forces advance, reconquering cities.

    Deputy Defense Minister Ganna Maliar reported Monday that Ukrainian forces rectured the town of Piatijatki, on the southern front.

    “Eight locations were liberated” in total this month since the start of a counteroffensive against Russian forces, with 113 square kilometers of territory rectured, he said.

    In the south, Ukrainian troops “they advanced up to seven kilometers deep” in the Russian positions, the deputy minister specified.

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    On the Eastern Front, “the general intensity of the fighting has decreased in the past week” and the Ukrainian army “advanced in various directions,” he said, without elaborating.

    On the other hand, the Ukrainian Army indicated that shot down four Kalibr-type missiles and four Iranian-made explosive drones launched by Russia overnight.

    “The missile shots were fired from a submarine in the Black Sea and those of drones from the east coast of the Azov Sea,” said this source.

    dirty bomb

    For its part, Russia denounced the possible use of a “nuclear dirty bomb” by kyiv, which will bring devastating consequences, warned the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Narishkin.

    According to the head of Russian intelligence, evidence has emerged that kyiv could continue working to create such a bomb.

    dirty bomb

    “We believe that the possible use of a nuclear dirty bomb by the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have terrible consequences for the life and health of the entire population and the ecosystem of Eastern Europe, including the States of the European Union and the Black Sea.” , said Narishkin, quoted by the press service of the organization he heads, reported the Sputnik agency.

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    It is not the first time that Russia has raised the specter of the dirty bomb. It already did in October of last year. The United States then denied that kyiv had plans to use such a device. For some analysts it is a strategy by Moscow to drop a dirty bomb and then blame the Ukrainians.

    What is a dirty nuclear bomb? It is a type of weon that was thought of and tested more than three-quarters of a century ago, in the early years of the Atomic Age, but never deployed by a military force.

    The more formal name for the bombs, Radiological Dispersal Devices, or RDDs, provides a fairly straightforward description of what these weons are and how they work.

    Essentially, they are makeshift bombs that use conventional high explosives to spread radioactive material into the surrounding area.

    Clarin writing with own information and AFP

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