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    A travel ‘influencer’ pays to be carried in a ‘sedan chair’ and sparks criticism in China

    Known under the pseudonym of Xinyu and famous on the Internet, he assures that he rented this transport service to help those who offer it. However, he was accused of “paying money to humiliate others”.

    A Chinese travel influencer has come under fire on social media for a video of him being carried in a “sedan chair” during his visit to a geological park in southwestern China, the South China Morning Post reported.

    Known under the pseudonym of Xinyu and famous on the Internet, the ‘influencer’ assures that he rented that transport service for help to those who offer it, after they commented that they don’t have many customers, despite the large number of tourists. It is a seat that hangs from two rods held at the ends by two people, one in front and one behind.

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    The young man rode in one of the so-called ‘huagan’ half the route, and even swapped roles with one of the two people who carried it. In the end, instead of paying the usual 400 yuan ($58) for the ride, he gave them 600 yuan ($90). However, despite his good intentions, Xinyu was accused of “spending money to trample on the porters’ dignity” and “pay money to humiliate others”.

    This form of transportation, used since ancient times, is frowned upon by many who consider it a reminder of the exploitation of peasants in ancient China and as a racist form of colonial oppression in much of Asia. However, some of those who dedicate themselves to this profession do not feel humiliated and affirm that it is a form of livelihood from which they are proud.

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    Source: RT

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