NewsA torture center run by a woman is discovered in the south...

    A torture center run by a woman is discovered in the south of Bogota

    The discovery occurred after the death of another woman whose body, left on a road and wrapped in a mattress, showed signs of torture.

    A house in which torture and murders were perpetrated was discovered in the Manzanares neighborhood, in the town of Bosa, in the south of the Colombian capital, Bogota, the Attorney General’s Office reported in a statement on Tuesday.

    The property, which the media has called ‘House of Terror’ or ‘Black House’, served as a center of torture, murder and dismembermentbut also as a point of sale of narcotics. It was supposedly under the direction of a woman identified as Angela Yiseth Castro Renteria, alias ‘La Murga’, who served as head of a criminal gang dedicated to drug trafficking.

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    Castro was captured and charged for allegedly ordering the murder of a woman identified as July Alexandra Hernandez, alias ‘La Flaca’, over a narcotics debt. She took her to her home on July 22, where the victim was subdued, tortured and murdered. Her body appeared on a road, wrapped in a mattress, hands and feet tied. He had signs of torture and several wounds caused by a knife..

    Now Castro Renteria faces charges for the crimes of homicide, torture and concealment, and alteration or destruction of evidentiary material. The suspect has not accepted his responsibility for the events.

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    Source: RT

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