NewsA teacher prevents an accident and saves the lives of nine children...

    A teacher prevents an accident and saves the lives of nine children in Russia

    Tatiana Shulenina will be recognized with the regional Honor and Courage medal on September 9.

    A primary school teacher saved the lives of nine children by preventing the vehicle they were traveling in from crashing after the driver collapsed, in the Russian city of Tula, in the province of the same name.

    According to Tatiana Shulenina, the distressing incident, which occurred last June, occurred when she and the minors were returning home from a children’s camp. The driver, during the journey, lost consciousness and the bus entered the opposite lane. “I got up, grabbed the steering wheel first and drove towards our lane,” the teacher recounted in an interview on REN TV.

    When he drove the vehicle into his lane, he sat between the two seats and tried to reach the pedals, but later he realized that there was a railway bridge and it was very dangerous to pass under. So he decided to drive into a field. “There [en el campo] I already reached the pedals, the clutch and the brake, I pressed them down and stopped the car,” recalls Shulenina.

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    “The action of our compatriot is worthy of special respect. In an emergency situation, she showed initiative and courage, she did not allow the tragedy,” Tula Governor Alexei Dyumin said in a statement in early August.

    In addition, he informed that the teacher will be recognized with the regional medal Honor and Courage On the next September 9, on the day of the Tula Province and the Hero City of Tula, noting that Shulenina “reacted on time”, she took control of the bus on a busy highway, took the children to a place insurance and also called an ambulance to assist the driver.

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    Source: RT

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