NewsA Supreme Court judge prevents the annulment of Lula's decree to limit...

    A Supreme Court judge prevents the annulment of Lula’s decree to limit access to weapons

    The magistrate explained that the objective is to “stop a dizzying trend of relaxation of the rules of access to firearms and ammunition.”

    Minister Gilmar Mendes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) of Brazil, suspended all the processes of the lower courts against the legality of the new arms decree of the government of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, which imposes greater control over access to weapons by the population.

    Mendes affirmed that the objective is to “stop a dizzying trend of relaxation of the rules of access to firearms and ammunition in Brazil, while new regulations on the matter are being discussed.”

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    Likewise, it explained that “in the Brazilian constitutional norm there is no fundamental right of access to firearms by citizens and the acquisition and carrying of firearms”, and that in recent years there have been “a clear action of unconstitutionality” in this issue.

    Revoke controversial decrees

    One of the first measures adopted by Lula after taking office was to revoke a dozen controversial decrees issued by former president Jair Bolsonaro, including those that facilitated access to firearms.

    Fight against hunger, deforestation and arms restrictions: this is how Lula's government begins in Brazil

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    Lula suspended new gun registrations by hunters, shooters and collectors, as well as the creation of shooting clubs; he reduced the limits for the purchase of arms and ammunition, and ordered the launching of a working group to propose new regulations on disarmament policy.

    The Executive also established a maximum period of 60 days for all weapons purchased since May 2019 to be re-registered by the owners.

    “There will be a general census of existing weapons in Brazil, with a view to separating the wheat from the chaff,” Justice Minister Flavio Dino commented at the time.

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    During the four years of his government, Bolsonaro signed more than 30 resolutions aimed at facilitating the acquisition or carrying of weapons. Many of them were later blocked by Justice. According to data from the Brazilian Public Safety Yearbook, the number of people with a firearms registration certificate grew by 474% during the government of the far-right.

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    Source: RT

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