NewsA shark bites and drags a fisherman outboard in a US national...

    A shark bites and drags a fisherman outboard in a US national park (VIDEO)

    Everglades National Park staff believe the victim was bitten by a bull shark.

    A shark bit an unfortunate man who was washing his hands in a canal while fishing aboard a boat in the Everglades National Park, in the state of Florida (USA), reports the ABC network.

    In the images of the events, shared on social networks, one of the fisherman’s companions is heard warning him about submerging his hands in the water. “I wouldn’t put my hands in there,” says the witness. “For two seconds nothing will happen,” replies the future victim.

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    However, while he is washing his hands, a shark is seen coming out of the water and biting the right hand of the fisherman, who was dragged overboard by the animal.

    According to National Park Service officials, the attack was likely carried out by a bull shark, a species that roams freely in the shallows off South Florida where freshwater from the Everglades mixes with freshwater. salty from the Gulf of Mexico.

    Although shark bites are extremely rare in Everglades National Park, the administration advises visitors to be careful around wildlife.

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    Source: RT

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