NewsA Russian frigate carrying hypersonic missiles will carry out exercises in the...

    A Russian frigate carrying hypersonic missiles will carry out exercises in the Atlantic

    The Admiral Gorshkov frigate is equipped with Tsirkon cruise missiles.

    The Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov entered the Atlantic this Tuesday through the Strait of Gibraltar, accompanied by the tanker Vyazma, a support vessel for the ships of the Russian Navy. Before this mission, the ship was stationed in the Mediterranean since April of this year.

    “In the Atlantic Ocean, the frigate’s crew will continue to improve their naval skills and conduct a series of onboard exercises,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

    According to Defense, in the Mediterranean sailors improved their combat training and naval skills by practicing dozens of anti-aircraft and anti-submarine warfare exercises.

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    The frigates of project 22350, including the Admiral Gorshkov, belong to the generation of ships that carry high-precision weapons, complex anti-submarine artillery and carry the Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopter on board. Additionally, the Admiral Gorshkov carries Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missiles.

    Upon completion of its tasks, the frigate will return to Severomorsk, the main naval base of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

    Admiral Gorshkov began her voyage on January 4, sailing around 42,000 nautical miles (almost 78,000 kilometers). Her crew participated in two international naval exercises in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

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    Source: RT

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