NewsA Puno mayor kneels and apologizes for meeting with the Prime Minister...

    A Puno mayor kneels and apologizes for meeting with the Prime Minister of Boluarte in Peru

    This region has been one of the hardest hit by the repression of the public forces, which left behind a massacre in the city of Juliaca last January.

    The mayor of the district of San Anton in the province of Puno, Marco Antonio Mamani Luna, apologized on his knees and barefoot to his community for having met in Lima, the capital of the country, with the head of the Cabinet of the government of Dina Boluarte, Alberto Otarola, without previously informing it.

    According to local media outlet Canal N, both the mayor’s trip to Lima and his meeting with Otarola last week They were rejected by the peasant rounds, who questioned the meeting because it is one of the Boluarte officials who has most defended the police repression against protesters in Peru, and which has so far left some 60 dead.

    “If I have to give my life for my people, I am going to give it, because you have chosen me. In that sense, what I have done, within my convictions, if that is wrong or a crime, I apologize once again and the apologies of the case“said the mayor while on his knees.

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    The official explained that the reason for that meeting was to follow up on public investment projects in the region and not to discuss any other issue with the questioned chief of the Cabinet, who in the early days of the Boluarte government was in charge of the Ministry of Defense, for which reason he is singled out as one of the main people responsible for the first deaths of protesters in the popular protests.

    According to the Peruvian television station, the population has asked Mamani Luna to leave his post as punishment and remain without salary for three months, in addition to submitting to discipline in the presence of the population of the San Anton district.

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    Puno massacre

    The province of Puno, in the south of the country, is one of the provinces that has demonstrated most forcefully against the Boluarte regime since President Pedro Castillo was ousted and imprisoned on December 7, 2022, and it was designated as mandated by parliament.

    Since then, the people of Puno they have remained in the streets demanding the closure of Congress that vacated the president, the departure of the designated president, general elections and a Constituent Assembly to reform the State and the Constitution.

    The repression by the police and the Army during the Boluarte government against the population of Puno has been one of the most violent recorded in the country, leaving nearly 20 fatalities in the midst of massive protests.

    The autopsies of the 17 dead in Puno reveal that they were hit by firearm projectiles

    On just one day of demonstrations, on January 9, the armed repression by the public forces left a balance of At least 17 deaths in the Puno town of Juliacacrimes that have been denounced as a massacre.

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    Regarding these facts, the Institute of Legal Medicine of the Public Ministry explained that high caliber projectiles were found in at least nine of the victims of a firearm, with shots in deadly areas such as the head, stomach and thorax.

    Given the seriousness of the situation, the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office began a preliminary investigation against Boluarte, Otarola and the previous head of the cabinet Pedro Angulo; the then Minister of the Interior Victor Rojas and his predecessor Cesar Cervantes; and Defense Minister Jorge Chavez for “presumed crimes of genocide, qualified homicide and serious injuries“, committed during the protests of December 2022 and January 2023 in the regions of Apurimac, La Libertad, Puno, Junin, Arequipa and Ayacucho.

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    Source: RT

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