NewsA Peruvian mayor advocates the Bukele plan to end insecurity: "You have...

    A Peruvian mayor advocates the Bukele plan to end insecurity: “You have to try new recipes”

    More and more Peruvian political figures are in favor of replicating the Salvadoran model in the Andean country, although President Boluarte ruled it out.

    The president of the Peruvian Judiciary, Javier Arevalo Vela, began the discussion with a suggestion and now this is the most commented topic in the Andean nation: the possible implementation of the security model launched by the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele.

    On Monday Arevalo Vela mentioned El Salvador among the “countries that are having success in the fight against crime.” “So why can’t we take some of their experiences to see how we adapt them to the Peruvian experience?” he asked.

    The question has been answered by various authorities. One of the last was the mayor of the Lima district of Los Olivos, Felipe Castillo, who pointed out that he went to visit the Central American nation two months ago to “Know a little about the Bukele plan”.

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    Territorial control plan is important. It consists of taking over the hottest spaces, with the highest crime rates, according to the country’s crime map, with a state of exception,” Castillo told local Canal N.

    The mayor acknowledged that “there are questions that are clear that we are not going to defend regarding human rights violation“, but qualified that” there are salvageable things that we can take.

    The controversial proposal of the mayor of Lima that links him to Bukele

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    military use

    “You have to try new recipes”Castillo said Tuesday. “Since I can remember, they have applied this traditional recipe and it has not worked (…) the crime wave has increased more, you have to look for successful experiences and take the positive things,” he added.

    On Wednesday, interviewed by the Exitosa radio station, Castillo explained that the Armed Forces are needed not to “duplicate functions of the National Police of Peru”, but to “accompany and reinforce security in these spaces where sometimes the Police and Serenazgo are not enough.”

    Along the same lines as Bukele, he advocated that the Peruvian State declare war on crime with the management of these actions in large cities.

    “We have to give a strong response and we cannot do that from local governments, it has to be from a tough national policy“, he added.

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    The position of the Executive

    Regarding this, the head of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otarola, stated that “certainly one could” evaluate the application of these actions in Peru.

    Instead, this Wednesday, President Dina Boluarte responded to the state channel TVPeru Noticias that “the situation in El Salvador has its own particularity and Peruvians have to weave our own history“.

    “Consequently, hand in hand with the Police and according to the policies and guidelines of the Government, according to our peculiarity and particularity of our country, we will deal with organized crime and to crime,” he stressed.

    Source: RT

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