NewsA man lines up and executes his 3 young children with a...

    A man lines up and executes his 3 young children with a rifle in the US.

    The children were 3, 4 and 7 years old. One of them tried to flee to a nearby field, but his father “hunted him down,” took him back to the family home and shot him like the others, prosecutors said.

    A man from the US state of Ohio has been accused of killing his three children with a rifle in their family home. Prosecutors said Friday that Chad Doerman, 32, has admitted to planning the murder and forcing the children to get in line before running them.

    Doerman, who is also charged with injuring the children’s mother, faces three counts of aggravated manslaughter. When they arrested him, he was sitting on a step in the house after killing the children.

    He is currently being held in the Clermont County Jail on $20 million bail, the AP reports.

    worst crime ever seen

    The county attorney, Mark Tekulve, called the massacre of the children the worst crime he had ever seen. “This is the most disgusting and horrible crime I have ever seen“Tekulve said. “I can only imagine the terror these little children felt and experienced when their father, their protector, was murdering them,” he added.

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    Agents rushed to the scene after receiving two alarming calls: one apparently from the mother screaming that “her babies had been shot” and another from a motorist who reported seeing a girl running down the street screaming that her father was “killing everyone“.

    As explained by the chief prosecutor of the Clermont County Municipal Court, David Gast, one of the children tried to flee from his father to a nearby field, but Doerman “hunted” him, took him back home and murdered him. Agents found three children, ages 3, 4 and 7, outside the home with gunshot wounds. Despite attempts to save their lives, the children died at the scene. “This man […] It was his world, he was his guardian and he executed them in cold bloodGast noted.

    The mother of the minors, whose name has not been provided, was also found outside the house with a shot in her hand. Prosecutors said the woman was injured while she was trying to take the gun from Doerman. She was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. It is unknown if the surviving daughter was injured nor was her age reported..

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    “The trauma this man has inflicted on his family, community, police, first responders and everyone else is indescribable,” Gast concluded. So far, authorities have not revealed the motive for the shooting.

    Source: RT

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