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    A loose screw and another “cut throat”: the causes of the latest incident in the Mexico City subway

    The director of the transport system denies that the detachment of wagons was due to lack of maintenance.

    The lack of a security ring, a loose screw and another “cut throat” It was what caused the uncoupling of two cars on Line 7 of the Mexico City subway this weekend.

    so it confirmed the general director of the Metro Collective Transport System, Guillermo Calderon, who added that immediately “reported to the Prosecutor’s Office General of Justice“.

    In this way, the manager explained that the incident at the Polanco subway station was not due to the lack of maintenance. Calderon specified that the train in question “had been subject to maintenance [sistematico] recently, on January 5”, which occurs “every 10,000 to 12,000 kilometers”.

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    He explained that “there is a checklist where each of the elements that are [en el tren]”and at the slightest hint your exit is not allowed.

    “Therefore, this situation that arose yesterday is a matter totally atypicalunusual,” the official said.

    It was around 4:00 p.m. Sunday when the subway cars detached, causing smoke to fill the platform. The users were evicted and the service was temporarily suspended.

    Source: RT

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