NewsA building collsed in Brazil and there are at least eleven dead

    A building collsed in Brazil and there are at least eleven dead

    It hpened in Recife. The three-story tower had received an eviction order. Among the victims, there are four minors. Three people are still missing.

    At least eleven people died, three were rescued from the rubble and another three are still missing, after the collse of a building residential located in the Brazilian city of Recife, in the northeast of the country.

    Among the fatalities there are four minors: a 5-year-old girl, an 8-year-old boy, a 12-year-old teenager and another 17-year-old. In addition, three women and four men died, including an 18-year-old boy who had been rescued alive, but died on the way to the Hospital .

    The collse was recorded after 6 this Friday in the Leme building, a three-story property located in the Janga neighborhood. I was occupied despite having an eviction order due to risk of collse.

    Rescue teams search for victims among the rubble of the collse. Photo: Reuters

    A camera in the area ctured the exact moment of the fall, the causes of which are still under investigation.

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    The incident occurred in the middle of strong rains that for two weeks have been on alert for the metropolitan region of Recife – a coastal city of about 1.5 million inhabitants – and that yesterday caused other landslides, floods, fallen trees and poles and several traffic accidents .

    Three women were transferred with fractures to a municipal hospital, while four other people, who are not part of the list of 19 occupants of the building and lived in an adjoining property, had minor injuries.

    The pain of people while rescuers worked.  Photo: Reuters

    The pain of people while rescuers worked. Photo: Reuters

    The Pernambuco state government published on its social networks that eight removal teams were sent to the site, after the Civil Defense was alerted by the collse.

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    Likewise, the emergency services provided assistance, with the help of specially trained dogs, in search of possible survivors under the rubble, because some people managed to communicate with the outside, including several children.

    The rescue work continued this Saturday morning with the support of trained dogs and teams to remove the rubble from the block of 16 artments that collsed and the surrounding area, which was partially destroyed.

    Eviction order and controversy

    The work of the rescuers against the clock.  Photo: EFE

    The work of the rescuers against the clock. Photo: EFE

    The building, in the Beira-Mar popular housing residential complex, had been closed by a court order in 2010 warning of the dangers, but two years later it was occupied again – without authorization – by the owners.

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    In 2018, an inspection by the Fire Department suggested a new vacancy and on Thursday, a day before the tragedy, an insurer for the state bank that financed the artments issued a similar account about the dangers of the property.

    Last April, six people were crushed to death by debris after another residential building collsed in the neighboring city of Olinda, also in the Recife metropolitan region.

    After the new tragedy, the São Paulo Civil Defense evacuated three buildings close to the collsed due to the risk of new landslides.

    Cintia Silva, Paulista’s civil defense secretary, explained to TV Globe that the emptying of the buildings began as soon as the team arrived on site. “We are asking people to urgently get out of the buildings,” he said.

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