NewsA boy and two men are rescued ten days after the devastating...

    A boy and two men are rescued ten days after the devastating earthquake in Turkey (VIDEOS)

    The rescue teams heard the voices of the victims, who were under the rubble of buildings in different areas of Antioquia.

    A team of rescuers found a 14-year-old teenager alive trapped in the rubble of a building collapsed by the earthquake in the Turkish city of Antioch, Hatay province, reports Anadolu Agency.

    The minor, identified as Osman Halebiye and a foreign national, was rescued this Thursday 260 hours after the devastating tremor and is hospitalized.

    The rescuers detail that they heard Osman’s voice and began to make a tunnel by hand among the rubble. When they got to the minor, they saw that he was in “a comfortable position” and that he did not present no injury visible.

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    three more rescues

    An hour after that rescue, another miracle occurred in Antioquia itself, when the emergency services managed to pull two men out of the rubble alive that they located thanks to their requests for help. Mehmet Ali Sakiroglu, 26, and Mustafa Avci, 34, were found among the remains of a hospital private.

    Previously, in Kahramanmaras province a 42 year old woman was rescued alive 258 hours after the devastating earthquake that, according to the latest data from local authorities, has left a balance of at least 38,044 dead in Turkey.

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    Source: RT

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