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    33rd degree Mason and former collaborator of Fujimori: changes in the Boluarte Government generate controversy

    In addition, some parliamentarians stated that they expected the departure of Alberto Otarola, who “seems to govern in the shadows.”

    The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, swore in on Wednesday the people who will be in charge of six portfolios of the ministerial cabinet. A routine event in the country that, however, generated reluctance.

    Boluarte incorporated Eduardo Arana into the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights; Miriam Ponce in Education; Jennifer Lizetti Contreras in Agrarian Development and Irrigation; and Ana Maria Choquehuanca in Production.

    Likewise, there were two castlings: Daniel Maurate, who served as head of Justice and Human Rights, will now lead the area of ​​Labor and Employment Promotion; while Raul Perez went from Production to Transportation and Communications.

    Controversial profiles

    Local media have revealed that Arana, a Freemason member of the Supreme Council Degree 33, declared at the time before the National Elections Jury (JNE) a sentence for food and a complaint for alleged family violence against his wife.

    In addition, he advised two theses that described as “biased” the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which recently turned 20 years old and dealt with the crimes and human rights violations that occurred in Peru between May 1980 and November 2000.

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    “The background of this Mr. Arana does not say anything good”, declared to the local station Exitosa the member of the committee of the NGO Proetica, Walter Alban, who indicated that due to his “links with Congress” he will be a promoter of their interests.

    Another name that stands out is Ponce for having been part of the technical team of the Fuerza Popular party (FP) in the last presidential elections. In fact, in 2021 he participated in the technical debates to disseminate Keiko Fujimori’s educational proposals.

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    This year Ponce was already in the Ministry of Education as Vice Minister of Pedagogical Management, in a journey in which the portfolio was directed by Oscar Becerra, the controversial official who was removed by Boluarte due to his repeated controversies.

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    Despite Ponce’s professional past, the first vice president of Parliament and member of FP, Hernando Guerra Garcia, ruled out that there is an “alliance” between the Executive and his bench. “She is an excellent professional, she made good contributions to us and that is no commitment,” she said.

    One of the ministers who continues, but in another area, is Maurate, who last April acknowledged that the president’s brother, Nicanor Boluarte, worked under his orders.

    “He has been my vice minister of Employment Promotion, and he has been an official with me in the Ministry of Labor,” Maurate clarified during an event.

    The critics

    Congressman Carlos Anderson assured that there are no major differences in this announcement, among other things because the head of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otarola, remains in office as “almost president of the Republic”.

    An opinion with which legislator Americo Gonza agreed, both interviewed on the Panamericana channel. “We expected new people and above all the change of the helm of the cabinet, because Otarola seems to rule in the shadows“he asserted.

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    In her official X account, for her part, parliamentarian Norma Yarrow he pointed that “changes in the cabinet were necessary”, but considered that Boluarte “forgot two ministers: the Interior and Defense”, referring to Vicente Romero and Jorge Chavez Cresta, respectively.

    This Thursday the former Minister of Labor, Rudecindo Vega, joined the criticism and indicated that “the Government is trying to sell us a change that does not exist.”

    “Side pieces have been changed, nothing important in the cabinet and Otarola ends up much stronger“, he stated to the Grade 5 program. “The Government stands and reaffirms its arrogance, authoritarianism and inability,” he added.

    Government defense

    Otarola went to Congress on Wednesday afternoon to support the 2024 general budget, and briefly spoke to the press to refer to these designations.

    “New ministers have been sworn in at a relaunch of public policies of the Government of President Boluarte. “The execution of public spending will be prioritized, especially in vulnerable sectors,” she said.

    The chief of staff added that one of his main objectives will be “closing gaps” and preparing for the effects of the El Nino phenomenon.

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    Source: RT

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