HealthWhat is sex like after 50? (for women and for men)

    What is sex like after 50? (for women and for men)

    A healthy sex life is good for all ages. The latest confirmation comes from a study by the English Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge), published in the journal Sexual Medicine. The researchers analyzed data from 6,879 adults with an average age of 65: the men and women who reported having sex with their partner in the previous 12 months attributed their general well-being (in the text enjoyment of life, literally enjoyment for life) a higher score than peers who did not have intimate relationships. Previous research had suggested that frequent sexual intercourse is associated with a range of benefits for psychological and physiological wellbeing, with improved quality of life and mental health, and a lower risk of certain cancers, said Lee Smith, head of the study. and fatal coronary events. Health professionals should recognize that older adults are not asexual and that an active, problem-free sex life in this population correlates with greater well-being. According to the authors of the study, women and men after 60 have different ways of experiencing sexuality: for the former, the ingredients of health are mainly pampering and tenderness, the latter benefit psycho-physical from complete sexual intercourse.

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    Source: Corriere della Sera

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