HealthThe delivery of medicines to homes has been developing in large cities...

    The delivery of medicines to homes has been developing in large cities since the Covid

    Several startups offer to deliver medicines to homes on the model of meal delivery. A comfort that more and more users have been using since the start of the health crisis.

    It’s one of the little things that can make your life easier. Several companies offer to deliver your medication to your home for a few euros. This is the case of Pharmao, a start-up that offers patients to avoid traveling.

    “The doctor has just left, I couldn’t see myself going down to the pharmacy. In pharmacies, there are always lots of germs around so it’s a potential danger and there, the pharmacy comes to me. It’s really magnificent”, loose Muriel, a patient who used the service.

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    Several start-ups in several hundred cities

    The Pharmao delivery platform is present in several hundred cities in France. Its founder details how it works: “You go to our website and there the patient just has to enter his address. He can select the pharmacy of his choice to have it delivered and directly, he enters all his documents: “prescription, the certificate of rights and his mutual insurance and it can be delivered in less than an hour. We can also use our mobile application”, explains Nicholas Scheizer, the founder of the platform.

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    Several start-ups provide this function: Phacil, Mymediks or even La Poste via its “My medicines at home” system. This activity has experienced significant growth with the pandemic.

    “This method of delivery has grown especially during the Covid period when people could not move. It is more and more exponential because people have taken comfort with this delivery”, explains Frederic Plasson , co-founder of Pharmao.

    At Pharmao, prices start at €5.90 and increase according to the distance from the pharmacy.

    Source: BFM TV

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