HealthStudy shows that your grey hair can get back its original, natural...

    Study shows that your grey hair can get back its original, natural color

    Missing the long and healthy hair you once had back in your twenties or thirties. Stress is one of the major factors behind your hair loss or hair-greying. 

    Stress causes the inhibition of the production of melanin; this leads to a reduction in the number of pigment cells in the hair follicles. 

    Thus, hair strands with a few numbers of those cells may lose their pigment and may appear white or grey. The question that will be highlighted in this article is that can you get back your original hair color?

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    A study shows that the hair can revert to the state when you were young and stress-free. However, you should note that this study hasn’t been published in a journal yet so it can’t be said that these findings and the pieces of evidence they are based on lead to a plausible, authentic conclusion.

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    For many years, it was believed that it was impossible to reverse the color of your hair Researchers from the University of Columbia and the University of Miami, discovered the ways of returning hair pigment back once the stressful event ended.

    They investigated by studying the strands from fourteen volunteers who were willing to participate.

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    They collected four hundred hair samples from their head and other parts of the body. After using a unique imaging technique, they detected different pigment levels in various parts of the hair strands.

    The samples they collected contained samples that had some hair strands that were gray from the tips while others were discolored from the roots. 

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    As the growth of the hair follicle starts from the roots, researches claimed that the hair might have greyed out after some time however it later continued to grow in its natural color.

    After this discovery, questions started to hover over their minds. They asked those questions such as how and when their hairs were greyed out

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    They were also asked if there was a stressful incident they were experiencing. The researches also queried the individuals about whether or not their hairs reverted to their original and if that occurs after the stressful incident they were experiencing had ended.

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    One of the individuals claimed that the hair returned to its original pigment when he was on a vacation that was a time when he might be experiencing low-stress levels

    Researchers also noted that the hair would return to its original state once the person’s mental condition improved. However, this only occurs only when there was a fall in the levels of stress.

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    Netsanet Mesfin
    Netsanet Mesfin
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