HealthPeople with heart diseases may have inherited high cholesterol levels

    People with heart diseases may have inherited high cholesterol levels

    A study published in a journal named American Heart Association journal Circulation shows that about 25 million people develop high cholesterol levels in their late twenties and thirties. As scientists claim that such a development was caused by inheritance or a genetic disorder. This commonly shows up in people who have heart diseases.

    A researcher from the Imperial college of London, named Dr. Antonio J. Vallejo-Vaz that the results of the study are laying emphasis on screening and testing people for FH also known as familial hypercholesterolemia.

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    FH is a genetic disorder that develops due to a defect in chromosome 19. The disorder raises cholesterol levels in the body as it loses its ability to remove the harmful low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol from the body. The LDL levels inside their bodies are greater than 100mg/dl that raises the tendency and chances that they may develop cardiovascular diseases in the future.

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    This condition leads to a thick layer of plaque covering the inside of arteries that makes the lumen narrow, resisting the flow of blood through the vessel. This may also reduce the life expectancy in people between fifteen to thirty years. People with FH may have other diseases and may experience heart attack in their initial stages of life. 

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    After analyzing the global population of a million people from Europe, the United States and from other places had led to a discovery that one in 311 people have familial hypercholesterolemia

    The number rises to one in seventeen people with heart disease that means that there is a higher chance of a heart patient having FH. However, even if the probability numbers look really high the overall risk of having FH is pretty low. This genetic disorder has only been detected in 10% of the global population.

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    If people with this condition are not under medical supervision their LDL levels may quickly rise to 190mg/dl in adults and 160mg/dl in children. They may be diagnosed with heart diseases at an early age. It is most likely for a ten-year-old child to have thicker carotid arteries and adolescents may have arteries filled with thick layers of plaque.

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    However, unlike most some people with FH may never develop heart diseases or even if they do there is a possibility that they are not diagnosed with those illnesses at an early age. 

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    Even though doctors claim that this condition is a public health challenge. The treatment is pretty clear, people are suggested to maintain a healthy diet, to exercise regularly and cut out fat to prevent adding into the already high cholesterol levels. 

    They may also be prescribed with drugs that may have to take medications to inhibit the production of PCSK9 protein that may help to lower cholesterol levels. Thus, this will decrease the overall chance of the person from suffering from any diseases related to the heart.

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