HealthPeople vaping E-Cigarettes may develop oral diseases - Study

    People vaping E-Cigarettes may develop oral diseases – Study

    Researchers from Ohio State University published their findings of the damaging and dangerous effects of smoking e-cigarettes on oral health in a Journal called Science advances. However, instead of jumping on to the conclusions directly, they had to perform an investigation, and gather all the theoretical and practical evidence they needed to prove that their research is not erroneous.

    A group of 123 smokers – 25 smokers and non-smokers, 25 people who used to smoke E-cigarettes, 20 who vape E-Cigarettes, and the remaining 28 smokers used both tobacco and E-cigarettes. All of them with a healthy oral condition. DNA sequencing was carried out on the bacteria – taken as a sample – they found on the plaque of their gums. They studied the microbes of the bacteria to see how they reacted differently to the contents found inside a cigarette.

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    The results were pretty clear after this thorough investigation, the researchers saw that the heated liquid contents of the e-cigarettes lead to the development of dangerous microbes. The vapers did not show any symptoms of oral infection but they saw that the bacteria in their teeth were responsible for developing inflammatory oral diseases (in the future) that may lead to other chronic heart and lung diseases – if not treated as soon as possible. In addition to this, people with a long smoking and vaping history displayed more horrific results with an increased risk of getting oral infections and diseases, later in the future.

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    Researchers do believe that it doesn’t matter whether a person chooses to vape or smoke – they consider both of these actions as a “big assault to the oral environment”.

    Both of these modes and methods may lead to harmful consequences.Think about it. How long will you enjoy the ecstasy that you get from smoking or vaping? I understand that you are addicted to it, or it makes you look ‘cool’ and you think the society will accept you – only if you smoke or vape. The question is how long will you fight for a place in that hideous part of the society? When you belong somewhere better. Will you drain your health and live the rest of your life on a hospital bed just to get accepted? Accepting yourself is the one thing you were in search of. That’s why your life doesn’t look fulfilled because you are busy pleasing others that you don’t even focus on yourself.

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