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    Marseille: he goes to his ophthalmologist to have his glasses checked, he comes out blind

    Adrien lost the use of his eyes for several months after being mistaken for another patient by his ophthalmologist. An undeniable medical error, according to the forensic experts named in this case.

    Terrible medical error in Marseille. In 2020, Adrien* goes to his ophthalmologist to have his rest glasses checked. But he walked out of the meeting blind. His doctor, without explanation, used a laser. A terrible fault that the ophthalmologist recognizes two years later with BFMTV, pleading the confusion of files.

    “I’m sorry for this gentleman that things happened like this. When you screw up, you screw up,” he said.

    “And there, he calls me Frederic”

    At the microphone of BFMTV, Adrien, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that after entering his ophthalmologist, the latter asked him to sit down and stick his forehead against a machine.

    “It didn’t hurt. I ask him what this machine is, if it’s new. He replies that no, it’s the laser”, explains Adrien.

    For the patient, it is misunderstanding. He asks what has to do with his glasses. His ophthalmologist “told him in a dry tone: ‘I’ll finish and I’ll explain to you afterwards.'” “Once he’s finished, he tells me that my vision will deteriorate, that I’ll have to have surgery. this cataract week.”

    “And there, he calls me Frederic”, says Adrien.

    The doctor would therefore have made a mistake in his first name. For the forensic experts named in this case, the medical error is undeniable.

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    “I had part of my eye amputated”

    Ten minutes after being treated with the laser, “I lost my sight”, explains the victim, who went through two operations to partially regain the use of her eyes. He is still very sensitive to light and takes heavy medication daily to relieve the pain.

    “I had part of my eye amputated. I am no longer blind, but I survive,” he says.

    “It’s a mistake on my part. I’m not a liar. I recognized it with the expert”, affirms the doctor implicated with BFMTV. Adrien’s lawyer hopes for a trial soon. Until then, the ophthalmologist continues to practice in Marseille.

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    *Name has been changed

    Maxime Peyron with Ariel Guez

    Source: BFM TV

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