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    “I’ve never seen you so well”: the strange advice of naturopath Irène Grosjean to a cancer patient

    Jean tells how his father, suffering from prostate cancer, was kept away from chemotherapy by the naturopath, who even refused him a blood transfusion.

    “She sold him dreams”. In a report devoted to naturopaths with controversial practices, France 2 broadcast on Monday the testimony of a man whose father suffered from prostate cancer in 2019. He accuses naturopath Irène Grosjean of having diverted him from the chemotherapy, her father eventually died.

    “Overnight he left the oncologist. Madame Grosjean said to him: ‘It’s not good, medicine like that is not made for you and I’m going to treat you with my own method'”, says Jeans.

    “She said to him, ‘Don’t worry, you’re going to be a centenarian'”

    Irène Grosjean is considered a leader by some in the world of naturopathy. Hostile to drugs and vaccines, she believes that all diseases can be cured by food – she is a follower of raw food – or alternative practices.

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    She also advocated illegal methods, suggesting parents manipulate their children’s genitals to bring down their fever. In August, Doctolib banned from its platform practitioners claiming to be part of its training.

    “It’s true that when you’re at the end of it, you’re going to believe this person. She sold him a dream. She took his hand, she said to him: ‘Don’t worry, you’re going to become a centenarian'”, says John.

    “You’re going to break down, you’re at the end of it, you have to be hospitalized”

    Three months before his father’s death, Jean filmed a consultation with Irène Grosjean with a hidden camera. According to him, his father was then very weak.

    “Some people tell me: ‘You’re going to break down, you’re at the end of it, you have to be hospitalized'”, we hear the latter say to the naturopath, who replies: “I’ve never seen you so well . The complexion is fine, fair skin, you are fine. And in a short time, you will be much better”.

    “How is it that you refused to give him blood? Yet it’s not chemo, it’s nothing, if he needs it,” Jean asks the practitioner. But for her, “it’s another person’s blood, we’re going to put poisoned blood back, I don’t agree, he’s had enough of his poisoned, it needs to be cleaned up”.

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    At the end of August, FranceInfo published the testimony of a woman accusing a naturopath following the precepts of Irène Grosjean of having kept her husband away from so-called traditional medicine when he had prostate cancer. He too died of cancer.

    Salome Vincendon

    Salome Vincendon BFMTV journalist

    Source: BFM TV

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