HealthInfluenza: after Brittany, four regions of metropolitan France move into the pre-epidemic...

    Influenza: after Brittany, four regions of metropolitan France move into the pre-epidemic phase

    Île-de-France, Normandy, Hauts-de-France and the Centre-Val de Loire region join Brittany in the “pre-epidemic” phase. Public Health France notes an increase in the number of consultations for flu-like syndromes.

    With the arrival of winter, the flu virus is back in mainland France. Four regions are now in the “pre-epidemic” phase, indicates Public Health France this Wednesday.

    Île-de-France, Normandy, Hauts-de-France and the Centre-Val de Loire region are concerned. Brittany had entered the pre-epidemic phase two weeks earlier.

    Consultations on the rise

    The Sentinel Health Monitoring Network establishes an incidence rate of the flu virus of 114 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Medical consultations for flu-like illness are up 65% compared to the previous week, specifies Public Health France.

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    The number of visits to the emergency room for flu or flu-like symptoms is also up 39% compared to last week. Since the start of monitoring the evolution of the situation, 19 people have been admitted to intensive care due to serious cases of influenza.

    While five regions are currently affected by this pre-epidemic phase, Sante Publique France has noted an increase in influenza surveillance indicators in the majority of metropolitan regions.

    The open vaccination campaign

    Overseas, Martinique, Reunion and Mayotte are already in the epidemic phase. In these territories, Sante Publique France however notes a rather stable evolution of the circulation of the virus, or even a decrease for Martinique. A trend that remains to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

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    Declining in the past two years due to the barrier gestures put in place against Covid-19, the flu epidemic could well be more important this winter. Sante Publique France believes that “an influenza epidemic occurring early in mainland France this year cannot be ruled out”.

    The organization recalls the importance of vaccination against seasonal flu and the maintenance of barrier gestures to limit the transmission of the virus.

    According to the Health Insurance, each year, 2 to 6 million people are affected by the flu. The vaccination campaign against the virus began in mid-October. First reserved until November 15 for fragile people, it remains open until January 31, 2023.

    Source: BFM TV

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