HealthDeprivation from sleep can increase the risk of Heart Diseases

    Deprivation from sleep can increase the risk of Heart Diseases

    As scientists always claim – adequate sleep is required by all individuals, to lead a happy and healthy life.  

    A good amount of sleep powers a person and gives them the energy boost that helps him or her to spend their day actively and productively.

    With that being said, what is always linked to this particular subject is sleep deprivation. Researchers from UC Berkley University carried out a study to find the link between sleep and the way it affects our cardiovascular system.

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    The study had been recently carried out a study and the findings showed that inflammation is most likely to occur in the ones who deprive themselves of sleep. Thus, they further claim that such individuals are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

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    A researcher named Matthew Walker said that these discoveries enlighten the public about getting continuous sleep to reduce the chances of one getting diagnosed with heart disease.

    To deeply understand the harmful effects irregular sleeping patterns can induce on the heart. Researchers gathered around 1,600 individuals and made them wear monitors on their wrists to monitor their sleep for a week.

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    Researchers monitored their sleep using polysomnography for one night, to get into the depths and study their sleep quality. After that, they took blood samples to analyze the effects of different levels of sleep on the heart.

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    The content of calcium marked the building of plaque while the number of white blood cells indicated the inflammation happening inside the individual’s body.

    The researchers saw that poor sleeping patterns augmented the amounts of neutrophils and monocytes – a type of white blood cell – that resulted in increased inflammation. Thus, raising the chances that the person may develop a heart-related condition called atherosclerosis.

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    Atherosclerosis is the condition in which a layer of fat collects in the inner walls of the artery. The lumen of the artery may become narrower and there is a greater chance that they damage the walls of the arteries. This may result in strokes, heart attacks, or clots building up and blocking the arteries.

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    Professor Walker claimed that the revelation of this link to chronic inflammation suggests that there is a “middleman brokering the bad deal” between disturbed sleeping patterns and the hardening of blood vessels.

    Researchers suggest people monitor and track their sleeping patterns with great intent. The co-lead author of the study name Vyoma Shah explained the advantages of doing so.She said that monitoring your sleeping patterns like one track their weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. One may make changes in their sleeping methods and that would assist them to achieve several health benefits.

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