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    Covid in Italy, today’s 6 August bulletin: 35,004 new cases and 158 deaths

    from Paola Caruso

    The data for Saturday 6 August. The positivity rate drops to 15.3% with 229,180 swabs. Admissions: -374. Intensive care: -15

    I’m 35,004 new cases of Covid in Italy (yesterday there were 38,219, here the bulletin). It goes up like this at least 21.286.771 the number of people who have contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus (including recovered and died) since the outbreak began. THE deaths today I am 158 (yesterday 175), for a total of 173,062 victims from February 2020.

    The swabs and the scenario

    THE total swabs (molecular and antigenic) processed are 229.180, or 5,328 more than yesterday when it was 223,852. The 15.3% positive rate (approximation 15.27%); yesterday it was 17.1%.

    There are two regions beyond the threshold of 4 thousand new infections: Lombardy (+ 4,328 cases) and Veneto (+ 4,169 cases).

    The cases region by region

    The data provided below, broken down by region, concerns the number of new cases registered in the last 24 hours. Here is the table with the overall data provided by the Ministry of Health.

    Lombardy: +4.328 cases (yesterday +4.692)
    Campania: +3.246 cases (yesterday +3.323)
    Veneto: +4.169 cases (yesterday +4.470)
    Lazio: +2.799 cases (yesterday +3.221)
    Emilia Romagna: +2.713 cases (yesterday +3.224)
    Sicily: +2.931 cases (yesterday +2.825)
    Puglia: +2.404 cases (yesterday +2.729)
    Piedmont: +1.943 cases (yesterday +2.175)
    Tuscany: +1.777 cases (yesterday +1.808)
    Marche: +1.127 cases (yesterday +1.325)
    Liguria: +1.154 cases (yesterday +1.210)
    Abruzzo: +1.351 cases (yesterday +1.572)
    Calabria: +1.357 cases (yesterday +1.624)
    Friuli Venezia Giulia: +960 cases (yesterday +934)
    Sardinia: +848 cases (yesterday +963)
    Umbria: +690 cases (yesterday +743)
    PA Bolzano: +360 cases (yesterday +385)
    PA Trento: +391 cases (yesterday +397)
    Basilicata: +288 cases (yesterday +296)
    Molise: +100 cases (yesterday +209)
    Valle d’Aosta: +68 cases (yesterday +94)

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    Here all the bulletins of 2022, here those of 2021 and here those of 2020.

    Source: Corriere della Sera

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