HealthCovid-19: WHO recommends no longer using two antibody treatments

    Covid-19: WHO recommends no longer using two antibody treatments

    Covid-19: WHO recommends no longer using two antibody treatments

    The two treatments concerned are Xevudy, developed by the GSK and Vir laboratories, and Ronapreve, developed by Regeneron.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) now recommends no longer using two anti-Covid treatments with synthetic antibodies, noting their ineffectiveness against the variants currently in circulation.

    WHO experts “strongly recommend” not to use Xevudy and Ronapreve, in the latest version of their guide to anti-Covid treatments, published overnight from Thursday to Friday in the British Medical Journal.

    Remdesivir for some severe cases

    Until then, the WHO recommended, with caution, their use in patients with a mild form of the disease, but at risk of progression to a more serious form, due to their age, weight or other factors.

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    However, the arrival of the Omicron variant at the end of 2021 called into question the interest of these treatments and WHO experts, on the basis of several in vitro studies, now believe that they are probably ineffective against the strains in circulation. .

    The experts have, at the same time, updated recommendations on other treatments, in particular remdesivir from the Gilead laboratory. This treatment, which the WHO had previously only recommended for use in the case of a mild form of Covid, can, in the light of new studies, be considered in certain serious cases, according to experts.

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    However, in the most serious cases, called “critical”, the studies do not show a benefit of remdesivir. Experts therefore advise against its use in these cases.

    Even in cases where it can be used, this treatment has only a “modest” interest with a degree of certainty which is only “moderate”, however warn the experts.

    Source: BFM TV

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