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    Covid-19: who is affected by the vaccine recall campaign which begins this Monday?

    Covid-19: who is affected by the vaccine recall campaign which begins this Monday?

    The new Covid-19 vaccine recall campaign begins on Monday. It is recommended for the elderly and fragile audiences.

    The new anti-Covid vaccine campaign is launched. From this Monday, part of the population will be able to receive a booster dose and benefit from new vaccines. But who is affected by this new vaccination and with which vaccine? takes stock.

    • Who is concerned?

    The fall vaccination campaign primarily targets an older public. According to the recommendations of the High Authority for Health (HAS), eligible people are first and foremost those over 60 years old.

    As with previous campaigns, the most vulnerable are also targeted. Among them are: residents of nursing homes and long-term care units (USLD), people at risk (immunocompromised subjects, pregnant women, etc.) and professionals in the health and medico-social sector. Relatives of fragile people can also be vaccinated.

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    • What deadlines are imposed?

    The Ministry of Health specifies that for the most fragile, this booster dose must be injected at least three months after the previous one. Those over 80, residents of Ehpad and USLD, as well as immunocompromised people, are concerned.

    For people aged 60 to 80 or close to a fragile person, the period increases to six months.

    If you have recently contracted the virus, you must also wait at least 3 months before receiving a new booster dose.

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    • What vaccines are given?

    Special feature of this new campaign, so-called bivalent vaccines will be available for the first time. The specificity of these vaccines is that they make it possible to target the Omicron variant, which is the majority today. There are three models (one from the Moderna laboratory and two from the Pfizer laboratory) and all of them use messenger RNA technology.

    All patients will not receive this type of vaccine, the ministry simply indicates that “the booster vaccination will be carried out preferentially” with bivalent vaccines.

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    On the other hand, these new vaccines are used only as a booster dose. For people who have not received any Covid vaccine so far, older generation vaccines will therefore be used.

    “The ‘historic’ vaccines remain effective against the virus”, also recalls the Ministry of Health.

    • What about the flu vaccine?

    The HAS also advises the elderly to combine anti-Covid vaccination with vaccination against influenza, recommended every year for those over 60. His vaccination campaign begins on October 18.

    The concomitant injunction of the two vaccines or made on the same day is possible, according to the health authority.

    Source: BFM TV

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