HealthCluster headaches are misdiagnosed

    Cluster headaches are misdiagnosed

    Not all headaches are headaches. Cluster headaches which can also be known as suicide headaches is a more intense neurological condition that can trap a person into having suicidal thoughts. 

    Cluster headaches may cause the same intense pain as experienced during labor.

    These pains may last for fifteen minutes to three hours and may occur many times in a day. 

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    During suffering from these headaches, a person may also face other symptoms such as the runny nose, blood-shot eyes, nasal congestion, and flu-like symptoms.

    The condition also has a huge impact on one’s mental state. It commonly occurs in people who suffer from chronic depression and anxiety. 

    People often overlook this condition thinking that it is normal when it’s not. These pains may lead a person to cause self-harm or having suicidal thoughts. 

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    They may become detached from their friends and family,they lose their jobs and remain distressed.This may lead to other neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

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    This may be a rare condition to have but it is commonly detected in people. About one in 1000 people suffer from these pains.

    Current studies also tell that it is really rare to get the right treatment for this condition as not a lot of professionals to know how to diagnose this condition that will display effective results on the patients.

    A medical sociologist interviewed neurologists; who work in North England, about the diagnosis and treatments of cluster headaches.

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    The interviewers found that most of them had no idea about how to treat or diagnose cluster headaches, while some didn’t even know that such a mental condition exists and others confused cluster headaches with cluster migraines – well, in fact, both of them are two different conditions.

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    Doctors – experienced or not – are unable to diagnose this disease as they cannot distinguish between a normal and a cluster headache. Thus, they keep referring patients to other therapists and prescribe those medications such as painkillers to take when they feel the pain.

    However, most of the time, it is forgotten that these pain killers may have side effects. Some doctors may also suggest that the patients undergo procedures such as tooth extractions and surgeries – which are unnecessary.

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    Due to the misdiagnosis of this condition, the treatment is delayed, during which the patient may develop other diseases and heart problems. In the end, the treatment proves to be ineffective and usually negatively impacts the people suffering from this condition.

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    This is a serious mental condition and is no joke. It is high time that people start spreading awareness about this condition among people and their doctors. If you are suffering from this condition or have detected these symptoms in someone else, seek for medical support, and ensure that you receive the right medical treatment before things get out of your control.

    Netsanet Mesfin
    Netsanet Mesfin
    Netsanet Mesfin is content writer and journalist for the past 4 years. Currently she lives in German. She writes news and contents. If you want to get in touch with me write via: [email protected]


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