HealthCase of meningitis in Alsace: what are the symptoms that should alert?

    Case of meningitis in Alsace: what are the symptoms that should alert?

    Five cases of meningitis have been detected since the beginning of November in Alsace, and one of the five patients has died. The Grand Est Regional Health Agency reminds us of the signs to watch out for.

    Five reports in a few weeks. Since the beginning of November, several cases of meningococcal B infection have been detected in Alsace. One person died. The last case detected to date was reported this Friday, according to the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Grand Est.

    “The report of this new case demonstrates that this rare strain of meningococcal B, hitherto unknown in the Grand Est, continues to circulate”, specifies the ARS.

    Meningococcus B is a bacterium. Frequently located at the level of the throat and the nose, it does not involve, in the majority of the cases, of particular disease. In some cases, however, it can develop into an invasive infection, meningitis.

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    Fever and red spots

    The first signs to watch for in the event of the appearance of meningitis are first of all a high fever and the appearance of red and purplish subcutaneous spots, according to the ARS Grand Est.

    Affected patients may also develop severe headaches, abnormal sensitivity to light, accompanied by body aches, fatigue, stiff neck, abdominal pain, and nausea or even vomiting.

    Mainly airborne transmission

    The disease is transmissible by air and by saliva, generally in the event of direct, close and prolonged contact with a person carrying the bacteria. Among the cases of meningitis developed in Alsace, four out of five cases precisely concern young people who have frequented the same nightclub, an environment conducive to the spread of the bacteria.

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    Namely: it is possible to be a carrier of meningitis, without developing symptoms. In this case, you can still pass the bacteria on to someone else who may develop symptoms.

    If in doubt, the ARS recommends calling the emergency room by dialing 15. As of December 14, 93 people have been preventively vaccinated in Strasbourg against the bacterium.

    Source: BFM TV

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