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    All you need to know about the COVID-19 ‘Super-Speeder’ – yes, it is Dangerous!

    Let’s start with the essential point, by answering the obfuscating query – what is a COVID-19 super-speeder? 

    Now, you might have heard how quickly a person; diagnosed with the virus, may transfer the disease to other people but they some of the infected group – with or without the knowledge of having the disease – may have transferred the disease, at a faster rate, to a larger number of the unaffected population. 

    In addition to this, researches state that there were super-spreaders present in the past outbreaks such as the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-COV) of 2012 and SARS, which was identified back in 2003.

    There have been a series of reports that claim that ‘Super-spreaders’ were the main reason for increasing the rate of transmission. Such reports which support the claim, include:

    When investigating the reason behind the vast spreading that occurred onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship. 

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    These cases, when traced down the transmission chain, were claimed to be spread by a person, from Hong Kong – who himself, transmitted the disease to sixty people. 

    The passengers have been kept under quarantine – since there were reports of some confirmed COVID-19 cases.

    A British businessman who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 has infected about eleven other people, who have been reported in three different countries – the United Kingdom, France, and Mallorca, which is situated in Spain.

     The woman who is known to be Case-31, in South Korea was also identified as a super-spreader – she attended the Shincheonji Church of Jesus and has transmitted the disease to a great number of people. 

    There has been a sudden rise in the number of patients after the event at the Church occurred.

    When you look at the statistics, the graph that is showing the number of patients the US medical authority is reporting every day. All you have to do is calculate the number of people who have transmitted the disease to a large number of people, on average, take that chunk out and maybe – as most researches have reported that ‘it might help us extinguish the virus.” 

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    If we take the proper precautionary measures, and identify these super-spreaders, keep them under medical supervision and study the behavior of the virus in their bodies. 

    That may help us fight the virus by targeting the roots of it – if not extinguish, it may have a large impact on the number of COVID-19 patients; having a diminishing effect.

    These super spreaders can be tracked down by looking at their traveling history; where have they traveled, how much they travel and why they traveled.

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    Trace down the people they have met or infected and look for any difference in the behavior of the virus residing inside them. 

    What is more important is to study the pattern and the transmission chains created by them, in order to treat the right patients, in the right way and at the right time.

    It’s not a time to arouse panic among people but it is a time, when we have to realize the dangers and harm this pandemic may bring, and well, there is also a need to understand that they do play a main role in helping to make this virus inexistent.

    As always recommended, by doctors and researches; wear masks, wash your hands six times a day, disinfect anything that is more likely to come in major contact, and well, of course, maintain social distance.

    Netsanet Mesfin
    Netsanet Mesfin
    Netsanet Mesfin is content writer and journalist for the past 4 years. Currently she lives in German. She writes news and contents. If you want to get in touch with me write via: [email protected]


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