HealthAfter the end of the year celebrations, our advice for finding a...

    After the end of the year celebrations, our advice for finding a balanced diet

    To eliminate the excesses associated with the holidays, new eating habits can be put in place from the first day of the year.

    Like every year, our stomach is struggling to recover. After eating a lot, and sometimes drinking a lot, do you really need to do a detox cure after the holidays? Simply “slow down”, reassures Philippe Toinard. The culinary columnist from BFMTV gives us his advice on how to repair the damage without going from one extreme to the other.

    “We all have a box of chocolates that was offered to us at Christmas, and inevitably, we pass by it every 10 minutes in the house”, recalls Philippe Toinard. Not to mention the imminent galette des rois on Sunday, a moment during which it will be difficult to resist the temptation.

    “For there to be detox, there must be intoxication,” insists the columnist.

    “Our body hasn’t been poisoned, it’s just that we’ve put a little strain on it,” he adds.

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    The goal is therefore to adopt a more balanced diet. “There are things that must be removed now, such as fried foods, dishes in sauce, pastries,” recommends Philippe Toinard.

    To eliminate toxins, these foods are replaced with fish, fruits, fresh vegetables, but also white meat.

    “Take advantage of this moment to put back into your diet something that we eat little in the year: legumes, full of protein and fiber” recommends the columnist. Among them: lentils, beans, peas, or beans.

    It is also important to increase your vitamin D intake. Fatty fish (sardines, salmon, herring…), certain mushrooms (girolles, porcini mushrooms, morels), dark chocolate or egg yolks are particularly rich.

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    But the key to success remains hydration, especially if you have abused glasses of champagne. To help you drink water, but also to reboost the body, an infusion made up of thyme, honey and ginger can be easily made at home.

    In order to fill up on vitamins, Philippe Toinard also recommends homemade fruit juices.

    “Industrial fruit juices, especially nectars, we give ourselves a good conscience by buying them and drinking them, when they are composed of a lot of added sugars”, he recalls.

    And the culinary columnist to deliver his best recipes. Orange carrot lemon, apple lemon kiwi, apple pear, apple celery lemon… “If you really want a seasonal juice, mix passion fruit and grapefruit, with chopped mint on top”, concludes Philippe Toinard .

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    Skipping meals after the holidays is, ultimately, a very bad idea. As American dietitian Miranda Galati explains on her blog, “Ignoring hunger is not sustainable and will only make your cravings worse and increase your desire to binge.”

    Source: BFM TV

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