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    Aesthetics: 200 surgeons call for an end to the free sale of hyaluronic acid

    Practitioners sign a forum to demand stricter supervision in the use and delivery of this product used to inflate the lips and reduce wrinkles.

    They call for stricter supervision of hyaluronic acid. 200 cosmetic surgeons are alerting this Thursday to the excesses of injections outside the medical framework of this product used in injection to swell the lips and reduce wrinkles. They ask in particular that the substance is no longer available over the counter.

    “We, plastic surgeons, ask that the sale of hyaluronic acid and other injectable fillers be controlled, and that their delivery be made only to doctors authorized to practice these acts”, they write in a forum. published in The Parisian this Thursday.

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    The National Medicines Safety Agency had already alerted to these practices in July 2022, citing more than 40 reports since the start of the year and recalling the rules for authorizing injections.

    Illegal injections with serious risks of complications

    Specialists denounce in particular injections carried out by people without medical training and practicing “illegal acts on the population, in particular the youngest and most vulnerable, with great publicity on social networks”.

    The tribune believes that injections outside the medical framework have developed strongly “over the past three years”. She mentions the health problems encountered by people who have had recourse to this type of injection: “In some cases, they could lead to sepsis, gangrene and hospitalizations in intensive care, involving the vital prognosis of young patients”.

    “Never had such complications been identified in France in 40 years of practice”, write the plastic surgeons.

    Destitute victims

    In the case of injections carried out by another person charging for these services, the victims would often not have the possibility of lodging a complaint because they would be subjected to pressure, in particular physical threats. But self-injections would also do a lot of damage, especially among minors, which is why the forum also calls for “putting in place the necessary means to educate and inform”.

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    Source: BFM TV

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